Why I wore a pair of earrings for 3 months.. straight!

Why I wore a pair of earrings for 3 months.. straight!

Is anyone else sentimental? Is anyone else... beyond sentimental?

I'm not a hoarder by any means (and nothing against you if you like to keep everything!), but I definitely do mindfully attach myself to things. One of them being a pair of earrings. My 12mm, rose gold, ebony studs. They were with me while we held our boy Blue, saying goodbye. I can't fully put into words what he meant to me. But, he was our adventure partner, our first date companion, my energy on days when I didn't think I had any when recovering from my bicycle accident, a ball of energy, and a protector of our family.

my boy blue (dutchie), my husband and I

I can vividly remember as I, quite literally, was hysterically crying as his poor body was going limp, he lifted his head up to move closer to show me comfort, and to protect me from my own emotions. All he wanted, with all his might, was to continue to protect us. 

As I write this, 2 years later, I have tears in my eyes, and (oddly enough) those same earrings on. Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was something else, but here is what the symbolism is to me.

  • Blue - our Dutch Shepherd, was black, as are my cherished ebony earrings. 
  • Ebony's symbolism - protection and clarity. Blue was our family protector, and he helped me through my journey of recovery, finding clarity in parts of my life. 

Maybe it was excessive that I wore them for 3 months straight. But, I truly felt like I couldn't let go of him yet, and that by wearing them he was with me. I now know he's always with me, regardless of the earrings I wear. Dogs are magical souls that can teach you more about yourself than you would think. And let me tell you Blue taught me a lot.

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