To inspire and support a simple life — to show uniqueness, to explore the spaces found amidst the moments in a fast moving life, and to truly embrace stillness in this world. 

Who We Are

Being outdoors defines me. Over the years I feel that have found peace by finding the stillness in nature right here in the city, rather than trying to get out to the mountains every chance I get.

owner and designer of urban stillness

I began idealizing Urban Stillness as a sort of blog that provides inspiration to fellow urban adventurers of how and where to find outdoor activities. As well, this ‘blog’ would help keep record of how I have been able to find my inner stillness, by finding enough outdoor nourishment in the city. Then, all of the sudden I became engulfed in making earrings… this passion for making jewelry dates back to the good ol’ days of family road trips where I beaded necklaces on road trips and plugged away at making even more on rainy days in the tent-trailer or at the family farm. Fast forward to early 20’s in nursing school, where my passion for organic (wood) jewelry was noticeable when my friends would buy me just those.

Then, in 2016, out on an urban outdoor adventure with my friend, I crashed my bike… broke my face in 4 spots and sustained a pretty horrible concussion. I’m fine now (well I guess that depends on who you ask ). But, during the crash, on top of cracking my helmet, loosing pieces of sunglasses, I lost one of my favourite wooded earrings that my best nursing friend had given me. I was looking through my jewelry box around September of 2019 and found the single wooden earring I had kept post accident (why I didn’t get rid of it I’ll never know). I looked at the earring closely, my inner creative-jewelry minded inner-child came back to fruition. With this reincarnated passion I thought, “I must be able to make something I can like as much as this one!” So, to my mans garage I went (as well as my dads garage), and found that I may just have what it takes to make something pretty sweet. 

wood earring making

That’s where it all started. So, I made one or two for myself, family and friends, then was encouraged to make more to sell! 

Earrings have always been my “little bit of something” that have felt defining to me. And, connecting to nature has also been very natural and comforting to me. The combination of the two just seems to fit.

All Urban Stillness pieces are made for you to wear during your activities! So, don’t forget to take them on your adventures, and of course share them with your friends. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do!