Motherhood in Canada winter

Well, I figured, if I’m doing things “a little differently” then maybe other people want to hear about it! So, to those of you that are coming along for the ride.. welcome!! 

What this will be about…. Life! Maybe some of it is the same as your life, maybe it’s different. Let’s learn from each other. What’s in my life, you ask? 
  • motherhood/parenthood,
  • stay-at-home mom (this is a bit of a fluid term currently),
  • outdoor enthusiast,
  • athlete turned activlete,
  • Covid isolated person getting back to the world,
  • dog mom,
  • registered nurse,
  • meditator,
  • yoga searcher,
  • longevity inspired…

hmm this is a lot! But, that’s what will be so fun about this. You can take from it what you want, and enjoy learning about random things that have really made/make my life feel whole.

Confessions: I am verrrrry NOT tech savvy, and truthfully I really don’t like technology.. but as we all know, it’s such a part of life these days. So, this is also about me learning to figure shit out haha. It allows me to get really frustrated and learn how to deal with that too!

Here’s a day in the life of me!

I don’t set an alarm anymore. I wake to our son and that’s been a bit different these days with a transition between one and two daytime naps. So, most recently this has been about 6/6:30am (on a good day). Some snuggles and milk for our little man, a good diaper change and then it’s time to play! We walk through the house and first, turn on all the Christmas lights (I’m writing this at the beginning of December) to relish in the magic of this time of year. Then the coffee machine gets turned on along with a few more lights in the house so we can play.

Just this week I have split his toys into three boxes that I rotate between on different days. We don’t have that many toys, but I could tell he wasn’t “seeing” some of them anymore. So this got me thinking and my mom suggested this tactic, so we’ll try it out and I’ll let you know how it goes. - every evening after he goes to bed, I pack up the toys from that day and then pull out a “new” box and unpack them into his toy cupboard. 

Okay, back to the morning. Coffee for me (not going to lie.. about 85% of the time my husband makes my morning coffee for me.. currently eggnog lattes - he’s the best!). Milk for our little guy while he plays. Then it’s breakfast. I don’t have any hard and fast rules for breakfast.. kinda whatever we have and trying to hit all the food groups!

More playing, sometimes a yard play in our amazing igloos and a later morning snack before nap time at 11am.

Then it’s me time! Well after I tidy up a bit. My routine is: workout 25-40min, meditate 10min, shower, go out in the yard with our dog to play, touch base with Urban Stillness social media/now write a blog!, prep for food/meals for the day, maybe have time to lay down for a minute to read/scroll/email/do nothing. 

The rest of the day has a bit less structure.. it depends on the weather - do we get to go out for long periods of time or just short, yard activities. We sometimes bake. And/or he will help me prep/cook dinner. 

Dinner is usually around 5/530pm so that we have time to play after before bath time or “splish-splash time” as we like to call it, at 7pm. Then lights out at 730pm.

Once our son is in bed, then we get a little adult time. Play a game together (working through a crib duel- we are currently tied) , watch a show together (our favourite right now “National Geographic limitless with Chis Hemsworth” highly recommend), talk about our day, spend quiet time together, or I’ll go make some jewelry while my husband works on his computer.

As I type this, I feel like there’s a lot to our days, but also like there’s not. It’s pretty frickin’ awesome! I love being able to be home and with our son as he’s growing up (he’s 15 months right now). I also love this time to find myself. I will speak more of this in posts to come, but I feel as though, life changed so much as we hit parenthood (DUH!), that I didn’t quite know how to fit myself into the mix! Now here I am, changing my thoughts on how I view myself, and how grateful I am for this life I have!

Drop a comment if there’s anything you’d like to specifically hear about. 
My goal will be to post once a week! YOU can help me stay accountable.

peace and gratitude -E

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