once upon my adventure

Winter activities with a little one!
“Normal” winter days though are bound to include a good chunk or two of outdoor time. If you are reading this from a warm weather winter location.. then probably disregard haha because here in Edmonton, Alberta we are pretty darn cold. Today’s current weather report: -31 feels like -40 degrees Celsius.
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The meaning behind Urban Stillness
Urban Stillness... what is it? Well, as I explained above, I love the outdoors. I love being so immersed in Mother Nature that I feel the perspective of my "problems" aren't really problems in this larger world.
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Motherhood in Canada winter
Well, I figured, if I’m doing things “a little differently” then maybe other people want to hear about it! So, to those of you that are coming along for the ride.. welcome!!  What this will be about…. Life! Maybe some...
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